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How to login with your account


The login to the 4net Workplace can be done via a web interface. Open an Internet browser of your choice and switch to the link below.

Once you have reached the page, enter your credentials and confirm them with Log On.

Customize the web interface

You have the possibility to personalize the web interface by adding different applications or desktops as favorites.

Desktop customization

By default, the personal desktop is already added as a favorite in the HOME area.
You can open the respective programs with a left click.

If you have several desktops, however, you can display all desktops in the top-right corner of DESKTOPS.

Here you can add these desktops as favorites by clicking on the red marked star.

On the top-right Corner In the HOME tab, you will finally see all the favorites that have been set.

Please contact 4net Support if you face any problems logging in.

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