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Printing in the Hosting

Depending on the configuration, your local printers are managed via universal printer drivers or a dedicated print server.
Both settings allow you to use the same printing functions in Citrix that you use locally. The following instruction describes how to adjust print settings on the 4net Workplace.

Printer configuration
Open an application for document processing such as Word.
Navigate to File, Print, and then Printer Properties.
The configuration menus differ depending on how the local printers are configured for the 4net Workplace.

If no printserver is in use, the Citrix printer menu will open.
To open the local printer settings click Printer Properties > Local Settings. If you activate the Preview on client check box, the print job will appear on your monitor for a final check before printing.

If your printer is managed via a server, click on the Printer Properties to get the local settings directly.

Contact 4net Support if you encounter any problems.

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