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Setting up TeamViewer

Downloading and executing TeamViewer

To enable our technicians to analyze your technical problems in the best possible way, we use TeamViewer to connect to your computer.

You can download the TeamViewer directly from our homepage After opening the page, an executable file is automatically downloaded.

Internet Explorer

Once the file has been downloaded, you can Run it. Confirm the security message


An executable file (exe) is downloaded. Click Save File.

The file will be saved in your download history. Open your download history and click on the downloaded file "TeamViewerQS.exe". Confirm any upcoming security message if necessary.

Google Chrome

An executable file is downloaded TeamviewerQS.exe. Click on this file and confirm the security message with Run.

Starting TeamViewer

TeamViewer will now start automatically in the background and will display the following window after completion, in which you will receive Your ID.

Give this number to our technician.

Your TeamViewer is now ready for use.

Contact 4net Support if you have problems using TeamViewer.

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